Saturday, October 22, 2011

I remember when we were young and things used to be so pretty: The Vibrators - Pure Mania (1977)

Pure Mania, the Lp debut of The Vibrators, is one the great British punk albums from the greatest year of classic punk albums, 1977. This one got a lot of play in our household and sits right up there with debut albums by the likes of The Clash, Wire, The Adverts and The Stranglers. Like a lot of the early punk rock, it's basically high energy rock & roll with a snotty attitude and a sneaky sense of humor. Quite memorably tuneful and a bit wild, songs like "Into the Future", "Baby Baby", "Whips and Furs" and "Sweet Sweet Heart" encourage an ongoing affection some 34 years after it's release. Great album cover too.

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